Wednesday, October 28, 2009

YuGiOh Cards

Looking for YuGiOh cards at a reasonable price? We have just listed 29 single cards at well below book value.

Looking for some bang for your buck?  Take a look at some these great cards!

Dont' have Super Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon?  We are offering it at a knock out price!

How about Mage Power?  Here it is for the taking! 

Looking for Dark Red Enchanter?  Look no further!!

Check out the great cards we currently have listed and check back often and we will be listing more great YuGiOh Game Cards at unbeatable prices!!

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Football Rookie Cards

Everyone likes a rookie card.  With football season in full swing I thought I would share a few of rookie cards from a 1997 Pinnacle set - for sale or trade - always open for advise from ANYONE as I'm still learning. 


James Farrior Rookie Card #162 - The Jets


Reinard Wilson Rookie Card #180- The Bengals

Everyone has a favorite player or team whether it be a 'team in the running' or a team in the building phase.  A favorite player doesn't always mean a superstar player, just a superstar to you for a number of reasons.  These are some of the rookies of the 90's, building the teams of today.  Take a look!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2009 Playoffs

Here we are smack dab in the middle of MLB playoffs! While we are all watching our favorite teams and making our best predictions, (except me...I was for the 'Old English D" Detroit Tigers!) how about some cards of players from years past on these great teams?

Any Yankee fans out there??  How about some cards from the 1991 Yankees from Score? Personally I'm all for the Yanks taking out the Twins!  No hard feeling there huh?

Looking for the Phillies to go all the way?  Check here forTopps 1989 Philadelphia Phillies cards.

Are you on the west coast and cheering for the Dodgers or the Angels?  (Oops - no Angles cards up yet,  that will get fixed tonight! ) 

All the great past players from these 2009 Playoff teams, some forgotten, others never forgotten, have a place in their teams history.  I just listed a number of cards remembering these veteran players, and will be adding new right up until the World Series Champion is crowned!    

It's 7th inning stretch - relax - take a look & browse!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Remember Alf??

I never knew that there were sooo many kinds of Trading Cards.   I always just thought, ya know, the typical baseball, football, and what the heck, hockey too!  But trading cards for TV shows??  Never had I ever considered such a thing.   Just proves what a rookie I really am at this whole thing! 

One of the 'treasures' we now own is this great set of Alf TV Show Trading Cards.   Take a look!  Like I said...I just had NO IDEA!!!   LOL

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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello to all!!  Welcome to our Trading Card Blog!!  As I mentioned in my description, we have "inherited" about 10,000 trading cards of all kinds.  So by default we have become trading card collectors.  I can see how this could become a really addicting hobby!  Already I find myself getting disappointed when I too many of the same card!  And I don't even know if I should be!  LOL  Anyway.....we would love for all of you, beginners, casual collectors, experts...EVERYONE to join us and help us grow!  Maybe we could even help you!  We are going through our hoard and keeping some for our grandchildren, and some we are going to attemp to sell at our on-line store The Trading Card Den

The Hockey season is just starting!  Do you have a favorite player?  We are listing hockey trading cards now, singles and groups! Check here for your hockey favorites!

Football is in full swing!  We have listed a handful of single football cards, old favorites and rookie cards! Crazy about Brett Favre?  How about this one?  I think it is pretty goofy, but what do I know??

We have non-sports cards too.  Remember when Desert Storm was big? Check here for a nice selection of Desert Storm Cards!

And there is more and more!  Please join us in discussion and maybe swapping!!

See you soon!!

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